History of our club

The Byron Delta Lions Club was officially chartered as a Lions Club July 1, 1992; from 1983-1992 we were known as the Discovery Bay Lionesses with approximately 24 members. When we chartered as Lions we began with 40 members and have grown to approximately 60+ members.

We are active in many projects within and outside of Discovery Bay. In the past, we sponsored community blood drives and held pancake breakfasts to help the Discovery Bay School. We presently support eye screening of pre-school children, a baby shower for new mothers at the Martinez County Hospital, Special Kids’ Day, Wilderness Camp for deaf children, a community food drive, the Lions Center for the Visually Impaired (LCVI) in Pittsburg and many other community activities.

This past year we held three major fundraisers, an Oktoberfest, a yard sale and a new venture, East Bay Idol. We find time for fun by having social gatherings and attending the annual District 4-C3 convention in Sacramento.

In 2008-09 we were honored to have one of our members, Lion Jane Perry, become the District 4-C3 Governor! We have had one Vice District Governor, six Zone Chairmen, four Region Chairmen, one Cabinet Secretary and a variety of District Committee Chairmen.

We are a proud, strong and active club, continuing to make our mark on the community.

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